I am a Postdoctoral Fellow with the Malaria Modeling Research Group at Northwestern University. I lead survey data analysis and simulation modeling to assess the impact of malaria intervention mixes at finer spatial scales to inform national strategic planning in endemic countries. I also lead statistical modeling to understand urban-rural determinants of malaria tranmission. I am actively looking for Research Scientist roles in the pharmaceutical or public health space so feel free to reach out to me via email at ozodiegwui@gmail.com.

Prior to my postdoc, I applied traditional regression models and bayesian spatial models to analyse the prevalence and context of adult female overweight and obesity in African countries, as part of my Doctor of Public Health (DrPH) program, which I completed in 2019 from East Tennessee State University (ETSU). My research received several awards including a Rotary International Global Grant. Check out my LinkedIn profile for a list of all my achievements.

News on submitted manuscripts/manuscripts in prep

  • Our critique of the Demographic and Health surveys highlighting the gaps in the survey strategy and questions in relation to malaria was submitted to the Malaria Journal. You can download the submitted draft here.

  • A first draft of our paper on the application of mathematical models of malaria transmission for fine-scale impact prediction is currently undergoing review and will be available on this website soon.

  • A draft of a systematic review on the global implementation of the adverse child experiences surveys conducted as part of a collaborative project with colleagues at ETSU is available for download here.

Other Recent News

  • Our impact prediction work was cited in the 2020 World Malaria Report. Many thanks to everyone that contributed.

  • I have been invited to mentor graduate students for the WiDS Kaggle competition. I was a data science mentor last year and recieved this letter of commendation.

  • I was once again invited to guest lecture the Graduate student Global Delivery Course at Northwestern’s Institute for Global Health. I will be faciliating a malaria case study and discussing our malaria modeling work.

About this website

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